Custom dance floors for any space.

Our solid hardwood floors are designed for high traffic, professional dance studios. With a thick, durable wear surface, 25 year factory warranty, removability of our clip system, solid hardwood construction and flexibility, our floors will will be one of your studios most important assets.


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About Us

We are former ballroom dance competitors, instructors. and currently own our own studio. We are in our third decade in the dance business.

When we opened our first studio, we paid $11,000 for a permanent, hardwood floor. It was too sticky or slow for the first 6 months or so. It smelled terrible for the first month or two. Eventually it was damaged, and repair was not affordable.  All these years later the floor is still in place; it's a vape shop. When our lease was up we realized having a removable dance floor would have been a better use of our funds. We sought out the best solid hardwood dance floor for our studio. It had to be solid wood. No paper mâche, plywood, particle board, or mystery meat! Solid hardwood only. It had to be easy to install, removable, affordable, and appealing to the eye. We found it in 2003. We started selling & installing it a month after we installed ours!

What started as a way to help our friends in the business and fund our summer vacations has become a solid business. We have floors in studios, homes, schools, and hotels across the country.  We are confident we can find the right solution for your dance floor. 


The typical installation method for our solid hardwood dance floors consists of a “clip system.” This unique approach allows the floor to be installed without wood sub-flooring, nails, or the use of adhesives used in traditional methods. One of the many advantages of this system is that the floor is completely “floating” and actually flexes underfoot. Our clip system is removable. If your lease is up, scoop up your floor and take it with you!

If you prefer a permanent solution, the floor can be nailed down, over 4 different systems. If your subfloor is uneven, we have a solution for that as well. Please reach out to us, so that we can help solve your dance floor issues. If we do not have the solution, we will help you find one!


Watch video below for a time-lapsed look at one of our installations:



  1. Increasing discounts ares available for purchases at larger quantities.
  2. Shipping, reducer or transition, and installation* are quoted separately. Transparency in our pricing helps you make better choices.

Our pricing is as much as 48% less than the same floor from other retailers!

*DanceFloor USA uses a network of skilled, professional installers to provide this service.